FreeFlow System

compact design without water tank , filter changes fast by Quick Change filter 1140 liters a day, high water quality, Countertop , tap

filter stages
5μ Spun Polypropylene Sediment filter , 1μ Spun polypropylene sediment filter , activated carbon filter , 4 pieces 100 GPD Filmtec membrane

model FF4

system Kompaktauftischgerät

Power approx 0.8 Ltr . / Minute ( 3x100GPD )

Operating pressure (bar ) 3-5

Operating temperature (° C) 40

Waste water ratio 1 Ltr 1 Ltr osmosis to wastewater

installation measures H / W / D 410 x 220 x 450

Weight 12 kg

filter 6 stages

FreeFlow system FF4

6 -stage reverse osmosis system
RO water quantity ( GPD ) : 1.1 Ltr./min/15 (℃)
Optional: 1.5 l / min.
measures: 38x21x39 cm ( LxWxH)

We present our brand new series of compact reverse osmosis installations. Completely new with a compact design without reservoir , 300 GPD daily output and extremely space saving measures . The side walls are fitted with new magnetic stripes. The filter can be replaced quickly and easily thanks to the new technology. RO technology even at lower water pressure. The system operates with a high quality high pressure pump and supplies about 130 PSI even at extremely low input pressures. Water is nice and cool in your drinking vessel and always fresh! The extent of the membrane can be choosen freely. The standard Membrane extent is 3 x 100 GPD . The installation of the FREE FLOW system is very simple.

Features: Power: about 1.1 liters per minute Pressure feed pump : High performance pump with Transformer , 29Volt / 3 amps Scope of delivery: conditioning, 6 filter solenoid valve High and low pressure switch LCD display with TDS display Water meter ( filtered water ) Wastewater rate : 1 liter osmosis / 1.20 ltr waste water

5 steps include filter:
  • 5 micron Spun Polypropylene pre filter
  • Carbon filter
  • 1 micron Spun Polypropylene Sediment filter
  • 100 GPD Membrane
  • 100 GPD Membrane
  • 100 GPD Membrane

measures: 38x21x39 cm ( LxWxH) Weight 12.00 kg

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